Monday, June 15, 2009

17 Again


I never thought I'd give a good review on Zac Efron's movie but wow.... This one is definitely worth watching....

It's about Mike O'Donnel (Matthew Perry/Zac Efron), a guy that thinks that his life is a failure... His wife wants to divorce him, his children are not talking to him and he considers his life a one big failure... Than one day, he becomes 17 again... thanks to a janitor/fairy/spirit that looks like santa claus to me hehe..

I really like this movie but not Zac Efron (still wondering why all those girls/boys are crazy bout him...) This movie has a really nice story, some funny scenes that are actually funny and a very realistic picture of an average joe.

Matthew Perry still can't get the 'Chandler' out of him... Zac Efron is still the same old Troy Bolton (I can see him trying to change the image but he still needs to work a lot). Maybe if the one playing Mike O'Donnel is not Zac Efron, this movie will be a lot better. But still, recommended!

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