Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Akirnyaaa gw coba juga ni tempat... Basi bener ya sekian lama dibicarakan baru gw cobain sekarang...

Canteen, a cafe/resto next to Aksara Bookstore. A very cozy and chic place to hang out, always packed especially during weekend....

The Food:
1. Chicken Caneloni (Rp. 55.000)
YUMMY!!!! Untuk sebuah resto non italian, pasta nya seh yummy banget. Well, what's not to like, baked pasta with chicken, cream sauce and mozzarella. A lot of mozzarella :) Hearty portion with a very reasonable price!

Pudel Perek and her early dinner

2. Grilled Chicken (Rp. 65.000)
Half roasted chicken with baby potatoes and pepper salad. YUMMY!!!! It's not like ur usual roast chicken... This one has a hint of sweetness and sourness in it's gravy. The weird looking green/yellow/red pepper salad makes it even richer in taste. The baby potatoes are just perfect... Nothing beats herb-y baby potatoes when it comes to roast chicken ;)

3. Chocolat Fondant (Rp. 30.000)
YUMMYY!!!!! Easily grab a spot on my top ten fave desserts in J town... I was disappointed at first coz it was served BEFORE my main course. The vanilla ice cream was a bit melted when I ate it. The second turn off is it doesn't match the menu description... I was expecting a hot/melted chocolate cake. Instead, they serve me this chocolate souffle.. It's a different cake for God's sake! Anyway.. This thing is exceptionally delicious so I won't complain :)

Great food!!!!!! Every single of our orders is delicious! Too bad the service is a bit disappointing... The waiters are slow and easily distracted. When I pay, the waiter take my credit card with him, thinking that I've already paid. He didn't bother to check whether i've paid or haven't

My Rp. 20.000 Equil

Hate it when they only serve expensive bottled water *cheap mode on*

Anyway... Definitely gonna come back for more :) Recommended!!

Rating : 8.2/10
Location : Plaza Indonesia Extension F5

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