Sunday, November 15, 2009


Dedicated for Ms. Josephine Hadiwijaya. Thanks for the lovely dinner hon :)


We came here for Ratu Lebah's Bday dinner. After some careful consideration, she chose Pastis :) Quite popular lately, this kitchen/lounge doesn't offer a wide range of western food. The number of dishes is very limited....

The place is very elegant place with chandeliers and liquor racks at the wall. Add the comfy sofas and a DJ, u can wine ur nite away :)

The food:
1. Half Roast Chicken (Rp. 80.000)
Not ur usual roast chicken. The chicken is roasted till its a bit crispy on the outside... Then the very yummy mushroom gravy is poured over the chicked. Served with baked potatoes and green salad, this dish made me full.. YUMMY...

2. Taglioni Salmon
Standard issue salmon pasta... The taglioni is a bit overcooked, the cream sauce is not that creamy and somehow a bit sweet...

3. and 4. Steaks
I forgot the names!!!!!! Damn... Both of them are good but not special. The mashed potato is too cheesy. The medium well one is actually well done.. The medium steak is better

5. Shasoukla (Rp. 50.000)
A morrocan dessert. Thin crispy pastries with custard, chopped nut, whip cream and fresh strawberries. Fresh, not too sweet and balanced. Yummy.. "Tastes like martabak kering", said Ibu Duit

6. Sorbet Platter
3 mini glasses of lime, kiwi and raspberry sorbet. The lime sorbet is so fucking sour!!!! I like the raspberry but then again, not a fans of sorbet..

7. Chocolate Melt


A great place to hang out but a bit overrated. The food is definitely above average but not special... Great service and great ambience. The clientele is very cuci-mata material... Manohara included hahahaha

Rating: 7.8/10
Location : Kuningan Suites, next to Four Season Hotel

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