Saturday, September 18, 2010

Carlo de Huts

Hey patients! I'm back :)

Last night, I went to Senayan City with Pudel Perek and Ratu Iblis. Destination: Carlo de Huts. I heard some buzz lately bout this place and very eager to try. I visited it once last month but the place was full and the waiter didn't accept waiting list (weird huh?)

The place was nice :) Dim lighted, red brick walls, wooden tables and chair plus some homey decor makes u feel like dining in a house somewhere in the middle of Europe. They separated smoking and non smoking section into outdoor and indoor seating. The place is quite small considering it can only accommodate around 25 pax in the non-smoking section.

The food:
1. Asiatic Black Pepper Pasta (Rp. 54.000)

A fusion pasta is not something I like but Carlo's was not bad. The pasta is a bit undercooked but the taste was good. Hot and spicy with lots of mixed bell peppers, chicken and fish. A rather spicy dish but very appetizing.

2. Mexicano Salsa (Rp. 47.900)

Guess what, it's a pizza! Another fusion dish... I just realized that this place offers a lot of fusion dishes. The pizza dough was a bit chewy. Thin but chewy.. The topping was quite generous, ground spicy beef and mozzarella topped with a deep fried thingy (that i didn't recognize). The pizza was served with crinkle cut fries and a small portion of green + olive salad in Italian dressing. The salad was nice but the fries... Ugh.. Tasteless.

3. Kumpir with BBQ Tortilla (Rp. 32.500)

According to the menu, this one is a turkish roasted potato. Basically it's a big baked potato, served with "homemade" BBQ sauce, fresh veggies and tortilla chips. Very disappointing!!!! I admit that the potato was good but the taste was so plain. The taste was boring and couldn't live out the super interesting name.

4. Banana Caramel Pannecoek (Rp. 35.000)

Pannekoek is one of their specialty. Since I'm a huge pancake/crepes fan, I tried one. Hmm... The pannekoek was ok but the topping needs a lot of improvements. The banana is not caramelized. They just cut and pour caramel sauce, what a cheap trick. Compared to Kitchenette's, this one is nothing. Disappointing.

I didn't enjoy dining here... I love the ambiance but the food served is just wrong. The spaghetti was ok but the rest are kinda disappointing. What I like is that the price is very reasonable. If u want to hang out, this place is perfect... But, to enjoy a quality dinner, I don't think so :)

Rating: 6/10
Location: Senayan City, Lagoon.


  1. hmmm... kapan2 boleh nyobain nich! thanks buat review na, ada harganya lagi! eh... sekalian ditambahin info tax and service tax na donk :) wakakaka..

  2. kalo ga sala ada service 5.5% and tax 10% deh :)

  3. ive try this yesterday

    the pannekoek taste was superbb.. try the sweet one with peach manggo its melting my mouth and also try american combo for savory again its suprised me the combination for cheese mixture bacon and eggs really makes me! :)

    i surely don't know bout cooking metode to caramelize the banana but i think its a good idea combine the sauce with a unique pancake dough love their cheese sauce.. i never taste this style of pancake in other place before a brand new concept of pancakes ;)

    i try their back ribs and home made sauce too its spicy bbq sauce love it too! but too big for me haha :) feel like being an Obelix from asterix comics book XDD

    visit my blog ya! :D

  4. @mery: a good caramelised banana is very sweet. There shud be a kind of burnt caramel taste and the banana will be soft :) thanks for commenting!! hehehehe

  5. asiatic black pepper pasta, looks very tasty nyamnyamnyam :9 btw, salam kenal yak :D

  6. i had try eaten at carlo de huts for several times and i love their foods :)