Saturday, November 05, 2011

Deltoro's BBQ Ribs and Steak

Deltoro's in Grand Indonesia has tickled my curiosity for a while. I've been passing through this ribs and steak for several times and this place always offers some sort of credit card discount. Finally, I gave in to my carnivorous desire and dragged Asmet with me to have a Flintstone session *grin*

The place is a generic mall resto. Wooden interior with several sofa cubicle and square tables. The decor is really standard, a bit disappointed considering they put a high price on their menu. The waiters are attentive and understand the menu so that's a plus from me.

The food:
1. Deltoro's US Pork Spare Rib (Rp. 200.000/Full Slab)

YUMMY!!!! The us ribs are sooo tender. I'm not a big fan of that pricey rib place so for me finding this affordable ribs with good quality is a blessing :) Only available in BBQ sauce despite the 3 options available in the menu, this is a must try. Humongous ribs in a huge plate that can satisfy my gigantic appetite, nicee :) The BBQ sauce has a tangy flavor layered with sweetness that seeps through the ribs. The bones the spare ribs is so tender, you can eat it if u want. The meat is marinated nicely, juicy and tender. The mashed potato is just okay, slightly above average :)

2. Balinese Original Local Pork Baby Back Ribs (Rp. 184.000/Full Slab)

Another giant piece of meat landed on our table and again satisfying. Although I prefer the spare ribs, this one is also yummy. The meat is not as tender as the US ribs but the traditional feel is a very interesting. Resembling those traditional ribs joined, the sweetness from sweet soy sauce dominates this dish. With hints of spiciness and the sambal available, all we need is a plate of hot rice to make this dish unforgetable.

A recommended place for u carnivores!

Rating: 7.5/10
Location: Grand Indonesia, Jakarta


  1. sering lewatin ini resto, cuman karena sepi jadi ragu2 pas mau coba. ternyata enak ya ? boleh juga nih kapan2, padahal pas dulu ada promo pake CC 50% euyyy

  2. Been wanting to try this place but they always run out of ribs for all four times I came to this place. Now I know why!

  3. ohh enak ya teryata, ntar cobain ah ada diskon cc

  4. mau nyoba blm kesampean mulu, errrr....

  5. pernah nyobain, bumbunya agak overpowering,
    tp emang US baby back ribsnya empuk banget