Monday, July 02, 2012


Bluegras is a bar and grill located in Kuningan Epicentrum area. This area has become a new go to place in Jakarta. With many new hip places opening here, it's a must go for you patients :)
This cozy place is located in the marketing gallery. The decor is very macho. Wooden furniture with big wooden doors. A bar with high chairs and some sofas, this place screams classic american. Although we were seated in the outdoor area, it's not hot, thanks to the opened doors allowing AC to flow to the outdoor area and the windy weather.

The food:
1. Pulled Pork Sandwich (Rp. 70.000)

Yummylicious!!!!! I don't know what pulled pork is!!! When I was presented with a burger bun and some shredded meat, I was like.. damn... WTF. But then... My first bite... and... DAMN, this is yummy! The burger bun is thick and rather soggy with heavily drenched with mayo coleslaw inside. The pork is shredded and mixed with a sauce tastes like a cross breed between hoisin sauce and bbq sauce. This dish is awesome! The only bad thing I can think off is the amount off sweet potato fries. Come on... Pretty presentation doesn't have to be in small portion right? Put some more, you are a bar/grill not a cute bistro.

2. Stuffed Chicken Bluegrass Style (Rp. 85.000)

This one is Mamah's order and it was rather disappointing. We were expecting a grilled chicken not this weird chicken meat with cheese stuffing. The taste is rather bland and honestly the stuffing made it even worse. Of course it's edible but for something like that to be put as one of the recommeded menu, big no no. The watercrest salad is okay but the mashed potato is off the roof. Super yummy!

3. Aqua Reflection (Rp. 25.000) and Earl Grey Tea (Rp. 20.000)

Definitely gonna come back for more grilled menu. The place is exceptionaly cozy and with that bbq sauce, I will surely come back

Rating: 7.5/10
Location: Marketing Gallery, Kuningan Epicentrum


  1. I agree with u, the stuffed chicken very disappointing for me because of the chicken meat.. :(

  2. Pulled Pork itu makanan paling uenaaaakkkk.... Apalagi kalo dibikin burrito (Istilahnya slow braised Barbacoa kalo untuk mexican style BBQ... ngeces deh...). HEAVENLY!!

  3. aduh aqua-nya bagus sekali... sepertinya cuma aqua yg paling eye catching ni... :p

  4. gw gak akan balik ke Blue Grass lagi, servicenya parah bgt! pegawainya jutek pas kita bilang mo pesen utk share & ngga pesen yg dia rekomendasiin (yg paling mahal). plus cm boleh duduk sampai jam 7 malem, jam 7 kurang 5 menit dessert blom dateng pula, minta bill juga lamanya ampun2an.

    Trus area non smoking di bagian dalem tuh ngga ngefek, toh di deketnya ada area bar yang smoking semua.

  5. Dokter, ada invitation dari DTF nih...katanya orangnya ga bisa hubungin...minta emailnya dong, supaya bisa forward invitenya =)

  6. @ellyna: uda terima email nya :) yang din tai fung ya? gw kerjaaaaaa :(

    @jenz: pas masi baru jen? bad experience ya :( kmrn ini sih sepi ya, gw dateng sunday around 5 pm. tapi gw setuju, pegawainya tidak ramah, kaya agak ngasal ngelayanin nya