Friday, May 20, 2011


Hellllloooooooooooooo patients!!!!! It's been a while :) 

I've been sooo busy the last couple of months.Moved to Depok, stayed in Jogjakarta and finishing my med study :) Things are better now, at least not as hectic as it used to be. I apologized patients for the lack of yummy updates but rest assured there will be lots and lots yummy food ahead :D

For the first review, dr. B gives u.... Katsusei!

I believe many of u had heard bout this place before... Located in Grand Indonesia, next to Toranomon, it's a place that specializes in Katsu food a.k.a Japanese fried food. Just like many many many Jakartans my age, we were raised basically on KFC and Hoka Hoka Bento. Both of them are on the top 3 of my favorite fast food chain. I remembered how I used to LOVE chicken katsu by HokBen (not anymore though, moved on to spring roll!! :p) 

When I browsed the menu for the first time in front of the restaurant a couple of years ago, I was shocked! Damn... This place is like PRICEY. So I decided, no Katsusei for me unless they give 50% discount. Finally, God answered my prayer and give 50% discount using Mandiri Card (the one I borrowed from my dear Uncle Apau hehehe)

The outer part of the restaurant radiates a calming, mysterious yet posh charm that lures every passerby. Once you enter the restaurant, you'll see a very neat seating placements, divided by glass wall decorated by ceramic bowls. The decor is your garden variety minimalist and dark ambiance. For me, it's just ok. Nothing special here. The ceramic bowl on glass wall is... tacky. The open kitchen is too close to the dining area and they kinda miss the japanese details on the table. 

After u order , u will be given some pots of dressing. There are two types of dressings I remembered, the sour one (imagine italian dressing japanese style) and the savoury one (thousand island with japanese touch). Besides the dressing, they also give a big pot of sauce for the katsu. I dunno the name but they sure taste yummy! U will also be given a bowl of tare (sesame seed) to be mixed with the katsu sauce. U are supposed to ground the sesame seed according to ur liking. Cute huh? I love that part for sure hehehehe

Move on to the main course.... 

1. Shrimp and Pork Sirloin Katsu Set (Rp. 195.000)

Two giant Shrimp Katsu and a big chunk of pork sirloin katsu. The presentation, Love it! Served on a tray filled with japanese rice, some sort of japanese pickles, japanese salad, and miso soup. The rice, perfect! Pour the dressing and just finish it!!! The cabbage was fresh and crisp. I prefer the savoury/salty dressing but I suggest u mix it and find ur perfect dressing. Now the soup... The waiter offered two soups. The first one being miso soup and the other is a different miso style soup but with pork bits and carrots. I tried both of them and loved them both. The miso is yummy, a bit salty but I do love salty food. The pork soup is heaven. Period. YUMMY!!!!!! The soup was brothy, meaty and sweet. Love, love, love it.

Next the katsu. After the first bite, I made my judgement. The best katsu I ever had in my life. The prawn katsu consists of two prawns each. The prawns were fresh and sweet, I didn't get any rash (I'm allergic to non fresh prawns) so I think it's very good. The pork sirloin... Just melted in my mouth. It was tender, it was juicy, fried to perfection. Yummylicious!! Dip it into the tare sauce and u'll have another salty kick to ur already awesome katsu. *drooling while writing this*

2. Chicken Katsu Nabe Set (Rp. 130.000)

I opted for chicken to try how the chicken dish tastes like. The katsu nabe set is served on a tray, similar to the katsu set. The nabe was placed on a hot plate so it maintained it's hotness. The chicken katsu is drenched is some brown liquid and topped with egg. Oh geez.... It's an oyako-don but minus the don. Another cooked to perfection chicken katsu. I love how the sauce didn't take the excitement away from the chicken. After all, it's a chicken dish, not an egg + sauce dish. The portion is big enough for two girls I think, especially since it's quite salty so u need rice to eat it with. Yummy :)

We were given some sort of japanese tea after the meal to wash the oil. Well the taste is... tea. But it actually wash the oil at my throat :)

Love the food here!! Definitely wanna go back.... Too bad it's really really overpriced. I know it's a high-end restaurant but come on... 130k for a chicken dish... It's too expensive...Aside from the high price and the tacky decor, I have nothing to complain. The food is yummyyyyy :)

Meet Asmet, he's the one that order extra rice to finish those katsu hehe

Rating: 8/10
Location: Grand Indonesia, Jakarta


  1. Looks yummy! But the price is such a turn-off.
    Bi, kalo makan2 ajak gue napa? XD~~

  2. I know Ms. A, the price is insane. Lately I've seen this place give 50% disc using some credit card , u shud check itu. I spent around 100k per pax with the 50% discount so it's a bargain

  3. yuhuuuu, akhirnya ngepost lagi, salam kenal dari AnakJajan, let's exchange link :)

  4. next kudu nyobain Paulaner Bräuhaus Platter 1 platter bisa buat berdua udah pasti ga halal yummy banget dahhhhH~

  5. @anakjajan: bole bole aja, let's exchange hehe

  6. Wuih.. akhirnya posting lagi.. dah lulus? congrats ya.

    Setuju Katsusei enak tp mahal, gw br nyoba skali... toranomon malah blom pernah :P

  7. hey jen, thanks hehe

    iya nih, got the time so i started blogging again :)

  8. waw! katsu is everywhere here too!

  9. Mo donk...jadi napsu liat katsunya