Saturday, August 14, 2010

Liburan tetep kerja!

Hey ya patients!!! :)

It's been a while since I posted some stories here hehehe Life's pretty boring these days :( All the routines are killing meeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

This week, I got a holiday!!!! My last cycle is 4 weeks only, therefore I got a whole week to pamper myself in the luxury of my bed :) BUT.... Things never work the way we want them to right? I got to stay at a hospital :(

No patients, I'm not sick (amit amitttttttttt, cukup deh demam berdarah 2x) My sister Yuu got that dengue hemorrhagic fever :( Soooo, as a loving and caring brother, I accompanied her at the hospital (jamal lagi jamal lagiiiiii)

The hospital was nice (not like those scary, dirty hospital where I usually work) with a comfy sofa bed and cool AC, I didn't feel like doing shifts. I took it as a vacation :) #menghiburdiri A lot of things have changed since I was hospitalized here. Now, the Cafe Oh La La is gone... dammnnn I really miss those yummy pastries! But now, there are some vending machines, woohooooo

One morning, I came down to get a cup of coffee/hot choco from the cafe. I though, what the heck, let's enjoy :) But when I saw the cafe, it's was a bit ugly. I really don't think they serve a nice hot chocolate there. Even with the 20k price tag, i seriously doubt the quality. Then, I came across the vending machine. I thought, why don't I try it? It's cheaper (10K) and If it sucks I can blame the vending machine :p Actually the real reason is I love vending machines!!! #norak

I put my 10k bill, press press press and waited for my hot chocolate. With a dag dig dug duerrrrrrrr feeling, I opened the small door at the vending machine. I can feel my saliva running down through my teeth, imagining a yummy cup of hot chocolate. I carefully pull the cup and....... FUCK!!!!!!!!! How come that glass is only filled with hot water and a stirring stick!!! I put it back, I tried pressing all those little buttons and nothing happened! Fuck fuck fuckkkk...!!! I threw that empty cup into the bin and walk helplessly back to my sis room :(

Oh btw, did U guys know that there's a quake???? When I was sleeping (it's 2.15 am and I just woke up 15 minutes earlier to help my sis peed), she woke me up. Feeling dizzy and super sleepy, I looked at her blankly

Yuu: Kooo, kokoo

dr. B: (buka kelopak mata 3 mm) huhhh??

Yuu: kooooo, ada gempa!! Loe berasa ga?

dr. B: (buka kelopak mata, tambah 3 mm) gempa apa.... Ga ada gempa...

Yuu: Benerannn ( mulai panik) tadi ranjang gw goyang2!!

dr. B: (ngeliat gelas aer dan permukaannya diem) engga, ga ada gempaaaa. (ngeliat tiang infus bergoyang tapi ga peduli) tidur tidur

Yuu: (mulai takut) ya uda...

The next morning...

dr. B: (buka twitter) hah??? Ada gempa??!! Yuuu, ternyata beneran kemaren ada gempa!!

Yuu: (muka gemes) Tuh kan!!! Uda gw bilanggg, dasar loe tidur kaya babi. Kalo beneran ga ada gempa en tuh ranjang goyang2 kaya kemaren malem, gw mau minta pindah kamar!! Takut ada setannya!!!!!

dr. B: Dasar lebayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Today, she got home already :) love u sis!!


  1. wah dbd masih ada aja ya.. padahal kan udah bukan musim ujan??

  2. hahaha... I love vending machines too, ko :) Sayangnya di Surabaya blom ada yg kayak gituan :( *atau ada, tapi aku yang ngga tau ya ? Hahaha*

  3. @arman : yahhh ga jelas deh :) tapi emank kalo di indo sepanjang taun ada aja yg kena, namanya juga tropical country :)

    @ imil: di jakarta juga jarang kok, biasa nya yg ga jelas, ini mahal bener 10k hehe

  4. iya gw berasa tuh. gw lgi asik2 tidur kok tiba2 pusing, besokannya baca di twitter, katanya gempa :)) berarti gw bukan mimpi ya. hehehe