Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bandar Djakarta

Bandar Djakarta is located is Ancol, North Jakarta. Specializes on fresh seafood, it offers market style restaurant. Its seaside location made it one of Jakarta's top seafood resaturant...

The Food:
1. Kerang hijau saus padang --> so so.... nothing special and the clams is a lil bit small (Rp. 15000/kg)
2. Kerang hijau saus Singapore --> suppose to be special but once again, nothing special(Rp. 15000/kg)
3. Ikan gurame bakar manis pedas --> the tastiest menu so far, sweet and a lil bit hot. the fish is fresh, grilled perfectly, made a perfect combination with warm rice and 'sambel' (Rp. 80000/kg)
4. Ikan goreng
5. Udang goreng tepung (Rp. 115000/kg) --> like the one mother cooked at home
6. Udang saus padang --> same taste as kerang hijau saus padang (Rp. 115000/kg)
7. Kerang dara rebus --> i think it should be 'baby kerang rebus' so small!!!!! (Rp. 15000/kg)
8. Kangkung terasi --> this is quite good
9. Kelapa muda --> nice.... (Rp. 15000/pc)

Too noisy, epecially the pop/rock/dangdut band on stage
It is perfect for gathering or maybe birthday party, the food is quite cheap, u can see and sail to the sea (be carefull when asking the price for the boat) and u got 2 free kelapa muda if its ur birthday.

3 out of 5

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