Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pabrik Obat Pemeras Duit

I've been sick since a few days ago.... :( 

The usual diarrhea... yeah.. me and my digestion problem hehe....

I went to a GP and she prescribed me some medicine including Cefat, a brand of cefadroxil. Cefadroxil is a Gen I Cephalosporin (Broad Spectrum Antiobiotics). I spent Rp. 200.000 worth of medicine :( --> bye bye hang out budget....

Do u guys know how pricey that Cefat thing is? It's around Rp. 10.700/capsule!!!! Dr. B SHOCK!!! I tried to find the generic one but couldn't find any in Muara Karang area (maybe it's banned here so the pharmacies owner can get insanely rich)

When i got back to Husada, I bought the generic one, just for precaution in case someone at my house needs it. Do u know how much the generic one is? It's Rp. 12.000. 

Rp 12.000 per strip (10 capsules)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

It's like ten times pricier!!! I dunno why they need such high profit, maybe to give the doctors that prescribed the meds...

After all, that's what doctors do, make some good karma by healing people (getting rich is a mere side effect)


  1. yah that's where med reps get paid from hahahaha...

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  3. See how fucked up our country is? Doctors claim to save lives when all they do is treating patients half-heartedly and trying to gain as much profit as possible from medications etc. 10x price difference? This is insane. Shall we also blame the health care system? (Oh hang on, there is NO system!) And I reckon being a doctor is all about getting rich, healing people is a MERE side effect or even side job. They don't care if the patients get better or not, all they care is if the patients CAN pay their fees and if they can buy those overpriced meds so the doctors can afford buying more luxury cars!

  4. just want to think the other side of a coin, indeed it's unreasonable to put non-generic 10x higher, but..i think non-generic has to pay more price on branding fee, patent (if any),other costs and allocation profits of course. I know if we compare 'apple' to 'apple', it seems unfair...but i don't think they are the same apple. Hm..reality bites :)

    *) disclaimer: this post is merely an opinion as Dr.B's friend, and not in her capacity as a lawyer.

  5. cerita cefat, gw baru kemarin ini ke dokter gigi disebuah rumah sakit swasta ternama di pinggiran jakarta dan gw dikasih cefat itu, obatnya > 300k dan infeksi gusi gw ga sembuh, sembuhnya oleh antibiotik lincomycin seharga 45k. Ngerasa dirampok...really...