Monday, December 28, 2009

Chicken Village

Last Sunday, I went to Summarecon Mall Serpong with the whole family. Reason : BORED

There, we saw this chinese restaurant, Chicken Village. Since we were very hungry, we decided to eat there. The decor is pretty nice, considering it's a suburbian mall... With wooden chair and tables, fake flower tress and pink lantern, i feel like i'm in.. JAPAN. Weird huh?

The food
1. Beggar Chicken (Rp. 168.000)
This is new for me :) Whole chicken covered in clay, cooked with chinese herbs and mushrooms. With oyster based sauce, this dish is just delightfull. YUMMY

2. Pochay 3 Telur

Standard issue... With one thousand year old egg, salted egg and chicken egg.

3. Cumi Goreng Telur Asin

Quite good.... Not too salty but just enough. The squid is not as chewy as it looks

4. Ikan Asam Manis

Yummy... Despite the small fish, the sauce is nice. A bit sweet and not too sour :)

5. Daging Sapi Saus OK

It's actually BBQ sauce beef... 4 big slices of beef in BBQ sauce. Quite good but not outstanding

6. Tahu Kipas (Rp. 15.500)

3 pieces of fried tofu with mushroom and vegetables filling. Don't compare it to the ones at Indonesian resto coz it's different. For me it's just OK but my auntie like it very much

I forgot to take the bill, in total we spent around Rp. 500.000 for 9 pax. Quite cheap except for the Beggar Chicken. The portion is a bit small but since the dishes are quite good, i don't complain :)

Rating: 7.5/10
Summarecon Mall Serpong


  1. Wow, beggar chickennya keren ya dok... bentuknya kayak celengan ayam jaman *uhmmmm... 10 or 15 years ago ???*

    jadi kayak gini ya bentuknya... bener2 pas sama yang takbayangin pas baca cerita sejarahnya ttg beggar chicken ini :p

  2. eh ayamnya aneh banget, dicover pake clay? trus dalemnya kayak apa tuh? kok foto bawahnya pake daun gitu?

  3. yupppp jadi dibungkus clay berbentuk ayam, lalu pas clay nya dibuka, ada bungkusan daun nya, daun teratai kalo ga sala, yg buat bungkus lo mai kai gtu

    lalu daun nya dibuka nanti ayem ny ada di dalem daun nya hehe seru bgt buka nya