Sunday, June 06, 2010

Marmalade Pantry

Marmalade Pantry is a nice cafe in the corner of Plaza Indonesia Extension. It' not new actually but since I heard some bad reviews about it, I'm reluctant to try. Last night, when I was in super hungry mode (and shocked after seeing Koiki's price list), Me and Ratu Iblis changed our late dinner destination to this place (thanks to Mr. Silet that mentioned this place several times, silently brainwashed me into trying the desserts here).

The place is quite vacant, compared to Kitchenette or Bistro Baron. Last night only 5-6 tables were occupied (yeah! I hate resto's that are too crowded) I like the decor, simple + pale wooden color. This kind of place focuses more on the food rather than the ambiance.

The food:
1. Scrambled Egg on Toast with Field Mushroom (Rp. 70.000)

Yummy....! The first thing that comes in mind when Ratu Iblis ordered this was "ahh.. A place like this, the portion must be tiny" and then.... Jeng jeng!!! A big buttered toast covered in scrambled eggs topped with mushroom. 2 chicken sausages and a lot of potato wedges. The toast and scrambled eggs were great! The potato wedges are yummy.. Crispy and spicy :)

2. Chicken and Turkey Bacon Club Sandwich (Rp. 70.000)

Again, I was shocked! 3 layers of whole wheat bread with chicken and slices of turkey bacon. They spread some chopped olive and pickles to the bread so everytime u bite u get a combination of the creamy-ness of mayo and the salty + sourness of pickles and olive. What a great way to make a sandwich. The turkey bacon is a bit too thin, i can't even tell what kind of bacon this is. Maybe if they serve a thicker bacon, it will be perfect. On top of the toast there's this perfectly cooked sunny side egg. Oh so good... They give sweet potato chips instead of french fries. Well maybe coz they think the fries will make the dish too fulfilling. BUT there's no other thing that can replace FRIES as sandwiches and burgers' side dish. Restaurant's out there, please understand this.

3. Sticky Date Toffee Pudding with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (Rp. 45.000)

Yummylicious!!! My first time of Sticky Date Pudding and I effing love it! This warm dessert perfectly closed my dinner yesterday. What can I say, it's warm, sweet, caramel-y and butter-y, with a nice vanilla bean ice cream (which I'm guessing Gelare's), perfection. Mr. Silet was right, this place has yummy dessert :)

The price might be a little steep but worth a try. I didn't try the meat menu (thanks to the soaring price) and the pasta is a bit too usual. Maybe next time I'll come back to try something else, and of course another dessert

Rating: 8/10
Location: Plaza Indonesia F1


  1. The place is quite vacant, in my opinion bi.. gw pas baca quite empty, sempet tersirat tempat ini ga ada apa2nya, garing, tp ternyata koq review makanannya ciamik poll hehe.. belakangan, baru nyadar, ternyata lebih pas kalo pake lowong drpd kosong.. keep up the mouth-watering writings bi hehe! ngiler ngiler ngiler :D


  2. @ dave : thanks for the input dave, I'll edit it when I get home :) long time no see, wassup? Still in taiwan?

  3. Aaarrrghhh!!! gak salah tuh makan sandwich 70 rb???? O My... O My... hahaha *norak* secara gw gak rela hahaha....
    Well mgkn emang tastenya enak banget sih!! but TETEP!!! hahaha... gak rela...

    Duh lo bener2 bikin gw ngilerrrrr

  4. @patzie : yeah... emank mahal. gw juga sempet ga rela, tapi itu menu yang tergolong murah di tempat itu. Karena pengen dessert makanya gw mesen sandwich (kalo mesen daging bisa bangkrut :p). Tapi lumayan worth it seh, gede banget, Even for me (u can see my body size kan hehe) itu banyak

  5. Hello Dr B,
    thank you for your comment. Actually it's myself who suffer bipolar. But I change my name. Hee hee, btw, I love the food! It looks so delicious. I've put your link on my blog.

  6. WOW!!!! Good for you!!!!!

    I've seen how difficult it is to become a bipolar, especially when ur in an episode. Even tho I'm a doc, the first time I see it, I kinda scared myself. But then I realized, They need my help, at least my understanding to become better.

    Fight for it :) really nice meeting u Nitya

  7. makanannya terlihat sangat menggiurkan. slurp.. :D
    thanks for your sweet comment.

  8. Hehe thanks for the visit :) come back again Princess

  9. Yummy!! eye-catching. I get pleasure from it. Thanks for sharing this delicious piece of writing with me.

  10. thanks for the comment :)