Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Tavola

A Tavola is an Italian restaurant located in Kemang Area. I remembered reading a review of this place, stating that this place serves authentic Italian cuisine with affordable price. So... Me and Asmet visited this place a while ago when we were confused of getting what to eat :)

The place is quite small. Mediterranean style decor but a bit rusty here and there. The place looks a bit dated and got that "kantin" feel. Personally, I don't like the place but that's what you get with that kind of price right?

The food:
1. La Voglia (Rp. 70.000)

Cheese platter served with foccacia, black olives and olive oil on a wooden cutting board. Presentation was good :) Love it. The cheese served are Bel Paese, Asiago and Fresh Mozzarella. Bel Paese is the round white one. Similar texture with brie but a bit harder. The Mozzarella is a not as chewy as I expected, maybe because of the "fresh" factor. The Asiago is quite salty but goes very well with the olive oil. Let me remind you that I am no cheese expert but I do LOVE cheese. For me, this platter is good but not great. Oh I forgot, hate the foccacia... Too dry!

2. Zuppa Ai Funghi (Rp. 18.000)

A plate of cream mushroom soup. Made of champignon and porcini mushroom, this soup is quite yummy. Not the best I ever had but not bad. The soup is not creamy enough for me but the texture is perfect. The bread is crunchy, love it :) I can't stop wondering why they put shredded cheddar on top of the soup.. Cheddar makes every dish tastes cheap!

3. Ravioli Con Funghi (Rp. 38.000)

This dish made me confused. The ravioli texture is okay but tastes a bit sweet. I dunno what they use to make that orange ravioli but that certainly not goes well with the creamy sauce. The sauce is a do-it-yourself cream sauce, I can cook better cream sauce than that. The shredded cheese on top, total turn off. The mushroom bits helped a bit but I didn't enjoy that ravioli as much as I expected.

4. Fettuccine Alla Norcina (Rp. 50.000)

Fettuccine is not al dente. Again with the cream sauce... Disappointed. The fresh chopped tomato is confusing. They serve the fettuccine with a nice italian sausage but it can't help the confusing pasta, too bad.

For me, no good. Yeah it's cheap but that is not an excuse for some weirdness in my pasta. As a place that serves cheese platter, I expect more. Authentic? Hmm... In some ways yeah but in many ways, I don't think so. Good value for money but doesn't entertain the palate much.

Rating: 6/10
Location: Kemang, South Jakarta

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