Thursday, March 08, 2012

The Baked Goods

I heard about this place quite some time ago, maybe from a magazine or sthing. Knowing that this place is owned by the wife of Erwin Parengkuan, Jana, I was immediately attracted. Celebrity owned restaurant is certainly sthing fun to bitch off *evil grin*

The article mentioned that Jana is part Czech and the cakes was her grandma's recipe. Hmm... I dunno if this is only a marketing jargon but u got me there :p Soooo, one lazy afternoon, I dragged Asmet to try this place. Apparently, it is located next to Kopitiam Oey, so u know where to find it right?

The food:
1. Bublanina (Rp. 15.000)

This is my first time trying this cake. The waiter said that this is a traditional Czech Dessert. Me... Love it!! It's yummmmyyyyy. The cake's consistency is somehow soft yet chewy. It's like the bread part of a bread pudding. The chopped strawberries add sour kicks upon this sweet crumbly-moist cake :)

2. Cheese Cake (Rp. 19.500)

Yummy!! Another spot on yummy-ness. The cheese cake is light and creamy with crumbly biscuit on the base. Not too sweet and not too sour, just the right amount of everything. Such a devilish temptation and I just surrender...

3. Carrot Cake (Rp. 19.000)
Yummy!!! I'm a huge fans of heavy cake (muffin, pound cake, doughnuts, carrot cake, pie etc) The Baked Goods carrot cake is simply one of the best I had so far. The cream cheese topping makes it more irresistable.. Not too sweet with the perfect texture :) *happy happy happy*

4. Lemon Poppyseeds (Rp. 19.000)

A vanilla cake with lemon glaze on top and sprinkled poppy seed. Hmm the taste is rather unique.The cake is basically sweet but the lemon glaze is a tad to sour for my liking. BUT the sour glaze actually balances the taste and makes us rather guilt-free when devouring this cake.

5. Cocochoco

A chocolate cake with layers of chocolate cream and chocolate sponge cake. The cream will melt down after a while, leaving us with liquid oily cream. My advice, eat it right out of fridge.. A bit too buttery for me and do not eat it with chocolate drink.

6. Fruit Knedliky (Rp. 25.000)

Another Czech specialty! YUMMY!!!!! Steamed bread dumpling with strawberry filling, cream cheese and sprinkling of sugar on top. Oh my heaven... The combination of bakpau like bread, cream cheese, sour strawberry and sugar makes one of the best dessert combo of all time. It's hot, it's creamy, it's sour and sweet at the same time. *standing o*

7. Hot Cokolada

A pot of hot chocolate (real melted chocolate). A perfect pair for desserts. Drink when hot is a must since the chocolate will thicken if it's getting colder.

The place is just perfect for an afternoon tea or a late night date. Cozy place with breezy winds, total relaxation :)

ps: the price is VERY reasonable, what a bargain!

Rating: 8/10
Location: Jl. Sabang, Jakarta


  1. Hi,
    Nice Post, Boleh tanya gak, Jl Sabang dekat dengan jalur busway gak?
    Dan itu harga Hot Cokoladanya sekitar berapa? soalnya gak dicantumin.

    Btw, Thank U, akhirnya anda post sesuatu juga, jadinya rutin cuma sebulan sekali nih? mana post curhatan*?* anda kayak dulu2? Saya suka ketawa sendiri pas bacanya.

  2. AH! MAU COBAAAAAAAA.... mana di Sabang lagi...deket... mau mau mau... I'm a fan of heavy cake too! A really great bread pudding (with enough bourbon and rum will make me crazy...)

  3. I really want to go there, but I don't have any chance and time to get there :'(

  4. @anonymous: hehe iya uda ga perna curhat ya.... soalnya skrg agak sibuk sih jadinya susa nyari mood nulis nya :) mudah2an ke depan bisa lebi lancar.

    jl sabang bisa naik koridor 1 blok m - kota. bisa turun di sarinah atau di halte yg deket bangkok bank.

    hot cokolada nya 20an, kebetulan bon nya ilang jd lupa

    @leony: hahahahah cobain aja :) affordable banget

    @ohmygoodfood: kalo lagi mendung sore sore, mantep bgt dah nongkrong disana sambil ngemil kue