Saturday, August 25, 2012


Hello patients, Happy Eid Ul Fitr :)

For me, Chinese food in Jakarta is divided into three types. First, the authentic (usually contains pork) chinese resturant, spreading through north, west and central (kota) Jakarta. Then there's modern chinese restaurant, the ones in Malls and Hotels. The third one is equally authentic but authentic in terms of Indonesian taste. Mandala goes to the third type.

As one of Jakarta's Legendary chinese restaurant. One that is halal and actually tastes good. The place itself is quite small., very packed but fortunately still cool. This place looks like those chinese restaurant in old movies. With patrons coming mostly from South Jakarta, this place serves halal chinese food. I'm a bit disappointed since IMHO pork and chinese food can't be separated.

The food:
1. Mun Tahu

I lost the receipt so I can't write the price. I think it's around 70K, pretty pricey! The mun tahu appeared like soup... Served in a pot, it's very soupy and silky. The taste, yummy :) The tofu is smooth and silky, melts in your mouth as you sip. The minced meat gives that crunchy yet meaty texture. Very fragrant and comforting. The kind of dish that you'd expect when you are sick.

2. Kakap Cah Asparagus

Another yummy dish! Asparagus is not something we often see in a chinese resturant. Usually comes in the form of soup, asparagus is a unique ingredients which tastes better in western style cooking. Mandala make this amazing dish that consists of snapper fillet, asparagus and onions in buttery sweet sauce Surprisingly tasty!

3.  Bistik Ayam

The Bistik Ayam is a huge disappointment. Weird tasting sauce, thin slices of battered chicken on a plate of lettuce, boohoo. The sauce is too thick and too sweet. The chicken is sooo thin I taste more of the batter than the chicken.

Mandala's portion is BIG! But... the price is also pricey. For me, I still prefer Kota's chinese food but among those indonesian chinese restaurant, this is the best :)

Rating: 7/10
Location: Wolter Monginsidi, Jakarta


  1. eh g klo kemandala tuh pesen sapo tahu, sup jagung, kodok goreng menteganya enak lho~ hahaha. soalnya gereja g di SPMR sana ^^

  2. Mandala resto jadul di dkt pasar Santa ya . bokap g kenal ama yg pny tuh resto krn mrk kawan lama
    yess i agree kota chinese food better lah !

  3. @pitshu: sebenernya sih menurut gw lumayan enak cuma mahal ya. Kmrn ini gw be3 sama bokap en nyokap abis 300 lebi, padahal kan tempatnya kaya begitu ya

    @veny: iyabener ven deket pasar santa, di sebelah nya ada sate, enak bgt

  4. mandala itu dimana ya?
    btw I love your food blog, updated bnget. hehe

    visit mine if you dont mind

    Thank you.

  5. Mandala is pretty pricey (padahal gue termasuk suka makan enak and I don't mind paying for good food). Tapi menurut gue tetep pricey karena tempatnya, suasananya, dan gak bisa terima CC hahaha... Bener gak sih masih gak bisa terima CC?

  6. @elvira: di daera santa, di jl wolter monginsidi kalo ga sala. yang banyak restoran korea nya itu. thank you elvira, keep on visiting :)

    @leony: iyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! bener banget menyebalkan tidak terima cc. dan mahallll, gw juga think twice kalo mau balik lagi

  7. you should try rendezvous, around gondangdia, i think it's one of a kind :)

  8. @james: yeahh, one of my fave, that place is gooodd. I posted a review on that place some time ago, check it out