Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Laka Leke

Hola patients, it's time for some post from my trip to Bali :)

I think everyone agrees that Bali is a magical place that can instantly make you stress-free. After a year without any long holiday, I finally went to Bali. A long planned holiday thanks to Air Asia promo airplane tickets :p

Okayyyy, lets start on the FOODDDDD. Laka Lake Restaurant is located in Ubud area. I picked this place for lunch in Ubud coz Bebek Bengil and Nuri's have already opened branches in Jakarta. And... I made the right choice.

Laka Leke offers a very relaxing, laid back feel with rice paddy literally a hop away. I can imagine how beautiful the place will be at night, maybe on my next visit :) The cool air of Ubud, the peacefull surroundings and the impecabble service is ohh sooo good.

The food:
1. Indonesian Rijstaffel (Rp. 350.000)
A huge platter for two with yellow rice, saffron egg, curry chicken, ginger chicken, some sort of balinese mixed veggies, tempe, corn fritters, 4 sate lilit and half a crispy duck. HUGE PORTION!!!!! A great option to sample many dishes by Laka Leke and I can say that I am satisfied.

The chickens are very well seasoned, cooked perfectly. The meat is still moist yet seasoned and spiced boldly. The fritters and tempes are just ok, eggs are also ok. The sate lilit is also yummy :) Lastly, can't go wrong with the savory yellow rice. Ugh... Now i'm hungry again.

The package comes with 2 drinks and desserts. The mango lassi is a bit too thick and the balinese ginger drink is a tad too strong for my liking. The dessert is a cake consists of foamy coconut layer and sweet custardy bread pudding. YUMMYLICIOUS!!!

2. Famous Crispy Duck (Rp. 83.500)
The duck is the same as the one in the rijstaffel. It is so good that we decided to order another portion of the duck. The duck is crispy to the bone, well seasoned and goes perfectly with the sambal matah. I swear it's wayyyy more delicious than the ones you found in Jakarta.

Very recommended!!! They also have performances in the evening, very cool huh

Rating: 7.5/10
Location: Jl. Nyuh Kuning, Ubud, Bali.


  1. tuh kan Laka Leke emang enak koq !
    g malah suka ini dr bebek bengil .
    g jg puas koq makan disana .
    masih bny org lom tau tuh beside Bengil, masih ada Laka leke n Tepi Sawah yg hrs dicoba !