Friday, January 09, 2015

Lost in Bangkok 2014 - Part 4 - Ancient City Samut Prakarn

For this post. I'll be taking a little wandering of the road. Taking a break from all of those mouthwatering foodpic :)

One of the highlight of my Bangkok Trip was this place, Ancient City. The concept is pretty much the same as our Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. It is a huge miniature of Thailand. The place showcases miniature buildings, palaces, statues, temples, all sort of cultural buildings in smaller size.

To get there, we got a cab, cost us around 300 baht + toll. Not that expensive actually since it is quite far from city centre. Make sure u prepare the map since not all taxi driver knows the location.

Once we got there, we purchased entrance ticket. It cost us 350 baht per person, including a free bicycle ride. Yes people, bicycle. As I mentioned, the place is huge... I choose to rent the buggy but Nenek Lampir and Dr. Cakra was really excited to get on a bicycle. Curse them! This decision lead to a painfull body due to enermous exercise and severe dehydration.

IMO, it's beautiful! Thailand has some beautiful palaces and the reconstructed them beautifully. The park was manicured and carefully maintained. Of course the weather was super hot and I curse like every 5 seconds because my crotch is aching but as Nenek Lampir said, "namanya juga liburan gendooottttttt"

Dr Cakra - Nenek Lampir - Dr. B

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