Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Lost in Japan: Osaka - Part 4

Back to another post of my Japan trip on March-April 2016 :) This post is about my last day in Osaka and the trip back to Tokyo. When this day came, I was kinda sad. Somehow, I fell in love with Osaka. No, Tokyo is still my fave place in Japan so far but Osaka is very comfortable. It's not as crowded as Tokyo, the food is nice and cheaper and most of all, it's more laid back compared to Tokyo. 

Since the check out time from the apartment in 12 PM, we decided to get up earlier and visit Osaka Castle before taking the shinkansen back to Tokyo. We took the train and get off at Osakajokuen Station (again, just follow what hyperdia told you). The castle is just in front of the station. When we got there, it was raining boohooo, making it a bit harder to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The Osaka Castle is one of the most beautiful place on my short trip there. It's HUGE. Gosh... First, entering the castle area from the gate until you find the castle will take you approx 15 minutes of leisurely walk. It's a huge complex consisting of restaurants, gardens, water canal and the castle itself. No wonder ancient people rides horse all the time --"

After we found the castle and snapped some pictures, we just walked pass the gate and didn't enter the castle since it was raining and we only have a short time. Then we just walked along the canal/river and take more photos. The sakura trees are blooming over the river, the weather is cloudy with light drizzle and a bit windy. Call me weird but I thought it  was very romantic... 

Decided to go back to apartment and guess what? Took us an hour or maybe more to get back to the train station. That place is HUGE!!! Don't miss it when you visit Osaka :) 

The shinkansen back to Tokyo was 3.5 hours long and most of the time I fell asleep. This trip to Japan is quite tiring, we have to walk everytime and everywhere. So when there's spare time, sleeping is the answer. 

Arriving in Tokyo Station, we went straight to the next Air BnB apartment. This property is owned by a charming japanese girl name Luna. She picked us up at Akasaka Station exit 6. It's a 3 minutes walk from the station to her apartment building. The place is small but very neat and clean. The apartment is in better condition then the one in Osaka but smaller. I'd recommend this place since it's affordable and close to the subway station. It's not crowded like Shinjuku or Shibuya but you can still find many many interesting places around the apartment. 

We were kinda tired that day so we took a short break before continuing the journey to find dinner started. Decided to explore Shinjuku, a commercial area in Tokyo where the salaryman and salarywoman gathered. Shinjuku is also where the red light district of Tokyo resides *wink

After wandering aimlessly around Shinjuku, We decided to splurge and get a taste of authentic Japanese BBQ, all you can eat style! Woohoooo !!!!! Looking around and find this building where people line up. From the billboard, this building has like 10 restaurants in 10 different floors. The BBQ one is at the 9th floor I guesses. Judging from the queue of the elevator, I bed it was nice. So in we goo

The place is typical japanese restaurant in Tokyo. The place is quite big but the tables and seats are not as spacious as the restaurants in Jakarta. They don't have many waiters but the waiters work like really really fast.

The place serves beef obviously, don't know what kind of beef but I assume not the best kind of wagyu since after I converted it into IDR, costs around 400K per pax, not much of a different from Jakarta right?

I love the BBQ!!! The beef was oh so goooddd, go karubiiiii. It's not melt in your mouth kind of beef, you still need to chew the beef but that was the beauty of it. Damn... One of the best BBQ I've ever had. For 2500 JPY per pax, I wanna go backkk

That sums up my day. Next is the visit to the happiest place on earth :)

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