Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bakmi Agoan

A chinese noodle chain in Jakarta.... It is supposed to be a hit since it goes into several food guide but i think it's just another mie ayam...

1. Bakmi alot pangsit (Rp. 21.5000)
It's a thick 'alot' noodle. The texture of noodle itself is pretty unique and 'alot'. It is more 'alot' (what the hell is 'alot' in English?!!) than the other chicken noodle i've tasted before. The usual taste, salty and oily with chopped boiled chicken. The 'pangsit' a.k.a wonton is not bad, although it's more like 'bakso' covered in 'kulit pangsit'. I think it's better than the other 'alot' noodle resto such as Mie Alok, Mie Asui and Mie Aheng but i still prefer Mie Abadi.

2. Bakso Goreng (Rp. 3.500/piece)
Pricey!!!! The average price for bakso goreng is Rp. 2.500.... Aside from the price, it's YUMMY!!! Plus, u can ask the waiter to heat it first

The place is a bit dirty.... It's needs renovation A.S.A.P

Rating 7/10
Location: Ruko Puri Indah


  1. Is there any other word? chewy sounds more like meat....

  2. for me, Mie Alok is the bestt (so far)!!!

    btw, makan di puri sama siapa bi? AB? ckckck....untuk kesekian kalinya loe memperdaya AB untuk kencan bersama loe, favorite spot nih di bakal ke-gap sama anak2 kampus...hahahaha

  3. heh!!!!!!!! sama si ratu iblis en ciwalit kaleeeee

    ckck gosip mulu!!!!!!

  4. Chewy itu versatile bo. Kalo buat meat biasanya tough. Kalo meat cigarette ga tau ye...I'd go with chewy buat bakmi Agoan lo.

  5. elo dan obsesi rokok daging loe.... enough de...

    mending loe ama si pudel bikin rokok daging fans club de sono

  6. ih bi ga ampe rokok daging fans club juga deh..
    diem2 ntar jadi anggota juga lu..
    secara dulu punya pengalaman bersama ".....",bisa sharing2 juga..