Sunday, February 08, 2009


I went to this resto last Friday... I've been wanting to go here for some time but never had the time so when we decided to go to Fx, of course I recommend this for dinner hehe

Pretty nice decor, with all the Budha statues and red chandelier.. Hmm I think it's supposed to be a lounge/club at night. It was very uncomfortable to eat at a low sofa...

The food
1. Tiger prawn with salted egg yolk (Rp. 120.000)
Yummy.... Well, not the best I've ever had but it is pretty delicious. The prawns are very fresh and cooked perfectly.. Not enough egg yolk but thanks to the prawns, this dish is still an entertainment for my taste buds

2. Grilled beef with lemongrass (Rp. 88.000)
Very small portion and I think it's just standard... Nothing special...

3. Chicken with Basil and Chilies (Rp. 68.000)
YUMMY!!! The combination of the spices is just perfect.... I don't know the name of every single herbs and spices in there but that is one yummy dish... Very 'Indochine' :)

It's a great place to hang out with friends especially if u add alcohol :p Some part of it is open air area, how cool is that!!! Dining open air at that height... I'll try that table in my next visit hehe

Location: FX 8F
Rating: 7.5/10


  1. Hay..
    pengen tau ni di indochine jakarta ini ada minimum charge nya ga sih ya?

    hehe thanx

  2. pas gw pergi seh ga ada ya, tapi ga tau de kalo ada event khusus.

    kan dia konsep nya resto, masa resto masuk nya bayar hehe

  3. ooo ic.. abis waktu itu pernah mau reservation masa PR nya bilang musti minimum charge nya 300rb... coba d nanti gue tanya lagi thanx yaa info nya hehe

  4. kalo mau masuk harus bayar gak sih?