Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mr. Pancake

A brand new pancake resto has opened in Pluit!!!!!! Yay....

The food
1. Tiramisu Original Pancake (Rp. 25.000)
2 stacks of really thin pancake with tiramisu ice cream and cinnamon dust. No comment......

2. Black and White (Rp. 26.000)
A chocolate pancake and an original pancake with a scoop of choco vanilla ice cream. No comment...

3. Comboy'z (rp. 26.000)
Basically it's burger in a pancake with fries on the side

Oh my effing God.... Those were the worst pancakes i'v ever eaten!!!!! The pancake is 'bantet' and small. Plus, I think I can finish the ice cream in a bite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The service is very bad, i waited for almost 10 minutes for my iced tea and there is no sweet ice tea. What kind of restaurant doesn't serve sweet ice tea?!!! I dunno why but there's a waiting list just to get in there. For that kind of food, no thank you. I won't come back

Rating 5/10
Location: Pluit Junction 2 F

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  1. just went there.. a couple of days ago. i should say that the place is very cozy. and for the food also good taste.. overall good place to eat eat hehe.