Thursday, November 20, 2008

Galaksi News

I dunno why, bad things keep on happening....

According to the latest information from Ko Suli, Marshelline has a kind of Kidney defect. I don't know precisely but the point is only 1 of her kidneys is functional. He told me to go easy on her coz she got tired easily (it didn't look that way when he chased santo around when he mocked her.....)

Anyway, as far as I remember, i never found anything unusual on my friends. Yeah there were some people with really bad marks but none of them were like Edward or James. There were some bad mouthed and rebellious ones but not like Dylan (who said "enak.... enak...." when his friends was trying to strip him at school.... I couldn't help laughing when i heard this. His stupid horny face just popped up)

And there is the twins with awful food odor.... Thank God for Rexona, it reduces the odor like 80%.. Plus Horich, the bully/banyak bacot/trying to be cool/thank God he's kinda smart, narcissistic kid.

Back to Marchelline, i dunno why but Galaksi is flooded with kids with learning difficulties. I know it's suppose to be that way since it is a tuition centre.... but is it too much to ask if I want some normal kids with average marks and normal attitude.

If only u guys can come and see what James can do to raise my blood pressure.... God..... He made such stupid mistakes from forgetting to put the measurement after every answer to mistakes in simple multiplication and division. Mistakes that shouldn't be made by a kid that age! Edward? Not a huge difference...

James get 7.5, Edward 8 and Gerard 8 for the last math test... Nice right? 7.5/100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was actually speechless... Well the average is around 30-40, but come on.... 7.5?!!! And James ALWAYS gives excuses!!! I hate that!!!!!!!!!! If u do something bad or forget something, just admit it!!! Excuses is not acceptable!!!

Sometimes i wonder, why can I teach like Regina's teacher (u guys still remember Regina right?). Thing were simple. We come, we start memorizing collectively, we go home and we got good marks. I think there's about 40 kids in a class and that's not a problem. I have 10 and every one of them has a certain special need...

Anyway, me loving this job and them is what keeps me going. The money is not worth it.... And u know what, this blog is a very very good venting place :p


  1. gila loe bi, dont you ever make "regina tuition centre" as your role model.. loe mau ngajarin murid2 loe dibentak2 en di pukulin pake kemoceng, or even worse di setrum pake raket nyamuk..

    as one of the shareholders of "Galaksi Tuition Centre", loe harus memegang teguh prinsip ko suli donk dalam mengajar...:P

  2. hahahaha not the torturing part kaleeeeee

  3. 1 functioning kidney excuse is so yesterday. Kalo cuma untuk belajar mah gpp, kalo lari2 keliling MK Pluit tuh...baru you go easy. Regina style setau gue efektif walaupun bikin gue pengen tabok muka tutornya kalo lg nyolot.

  4. makanya.... tu anak2 ga tau aja i'm being nice.... blom dapet dia mimpi buruk anak2 di masa lalu..