Monday, January 05, 2009

Magenta Kitchen

With it's magenta decor. this place looks really nice. Plus, it's not too crowded (like the rest of Pacific Place) but.... There's a reason why this place is not crowded...

The Food
1. Garlic Bread (Rp. 14.900)
YUMMY! Huge french bread + garlic + cheese is always satisfying. For the price, it's definitely a bargain

2. Herb Baby Chicken (Rp. 59.900)
One of the worst roasted chicken I've ever tasted in my life..... The sauce is unbelievably yucky, the chicken is not too big (quite filling though...), the mashed potato is too mashed (just like eating baby food) and the sauteed vegetables.... OMG... it's like eating sauteed garlic!!!

3. Cheese Creamy Spaghetti (Rp. 49.900)
Cream based spaghetti with lots of cheese. Too cheesy i guess.. It's not bad but it's just not good

They should change their chef!!! A resto that nice should have better food....

Location: Pacific Place F4

Rating 6.3/10

1 comment:

  1. cheese creamy spaghetti..
    I wondered how that tastes. (I'm a cheese lover)