Monday, January 05, 2009

Ayam Nanking Saus Lemon

Kreasi terbaru dari chef A Chun

Atas request dari bapak stromilo.... Maka akan saya jelas kan disini mengapa makanan ini saya beri rating 8.5

This dish is cooked by my beloved mommy, A Chun (yeah i know.... Classic chinese name..) Around lunch time, suddenly i smell a very yummy scent from the kitchen. I thought, hey... it's just another cooking session. Then.... I see the yellowish sauce (Yummy!) Yes, it's lemon chicken, one of my favorite chinese food :) But when I ate it, i realized it's not an ordinary lemon chicken...

It's Nanking Chicken with Lemon Sauce!!!! For u guys who don't know what Nanking Chicken is, i'll give a brief explanation. Nanking chicken is a basically ayam goreng mentega. Fried Chicken Fillet layered with minced prawn with butter sauce. I never find this on upscale chinese food place, only in five-food traditional chinese food resto

Back to this dish, it's crispy yet tender... At the first bite, u'll sense the oily and a little bit egg-y (tastes like fried egg) layer and then u'll reach the prawn layer and then straight to the chicken. It was YUMMYLICIOUS!!! Even without the sauce, i gave it a 7.5/10. After i dipped it the sauce.... Man... that was one yummy sauce, maybe the best lemon butter sauce ever!!!! It's sour but not too sour, a hint of sweetness and a perfect thickness of a chinese style sauce. Golden yellow lemon sauce...

Thanks mum, u made me ate this twice --> after i promise myself not to eat anything today...

Rating: 8.5/10


  1. foto2 makanan diblog ini bikin ngiler... :P

  2. hehe.... brati sukses donk blog gw :)

  3. lho bi.. mana deskripsi narasi lu yang seperti anime Yoichi koki ajaib.. tiba2 rating 8.5/10, biasanya kan ada penjelasan...
    pas lu makan di italian buffet kan gw jadi ngerti knp resto tsb layak 9/10 hohoho..
    jiayou koasnya ya :)

  4. huahaahaha thx 4 the description bi.. :D
    ya iya lah masakan nyokap memang selalu mantap :D
    kalo buka outlet kayanya laku deh bi.. hohoho..
    btw udang kolesterol tinggi lho bi...huahahaha

  5. yap, sukses bgt bikin saya ngiler.. hhe :)

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