Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ip Man

A story bout a man who defend the dignity of his country. The story is pretty predictable.... I think every hero movie which based on true story has the same plot. This also applies to Ip Man.... So it loses the element of surprise.

Ip Man is a master in Wing Chun, a kung fu style from China. When Japan invaded China, he became a homeless (he is actually a rich guy..... He had a european style mansion in 1930 China...). When his friend got killed in a martial art tournament, he was enraged and started to show his hatred to the Japanese...

Like any other martial art movie, the message is pretty clear, a man must defend it's dignity. A bit cliche but it's a very nice movie. No extra drama, the fighting scene is very very very good, a beautiful woman as a dream wife and Donnie Yuen resembles the real Ip Man LOL

Rating 7.3/10

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