Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bedtime Stories

I watched this movie yesterday at Pluit Junction. Alone. Why? I got really really bored at home and the cheapest source of entertainment is a movie... As u can tell from the title, it's about bedtime stories. Yeah it's a kids movie but I actually like kids movies hehe

Starring Adam Sandler (not my favorite actor but he can play a naive/dumb/everyday guy perfectly) this movie is about how a bedtime story come real. There are some funny scenes but not funny enough to make me laugh (but it made me smile). The guinea pig, Bugsy is so funny!!! hahahahah life sucking pair of eyes (kinda remind me of Ibu Duit)

Like every other kids movies, lots of hidden messages and advices. One of my favorite is that we should not let a bad ending happen. If something bad happen, fix it and change it into a happy ending just like every hero does in all bedtime stories. A lil bit too optimistic for me but hey, i can change :p

Rating: 7/10

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