Monday, January 05, 2009

Panini House

This small little cafe is hidden in the basement of Fx. I was interested to try this for a long time and finally decided to buy it for my bro en sis (with a hidden agenda to taste those pastries)

The food
1. Rib Eye Cheese Panini (Rp. 40.000)
Yummy! The cheese just melts its way into my pharynx...... They give u a kind of mayo garlic dip and it'll make ur panini even yummier

2. Quiche Plain (Rp. 20.000)
It's not bad but it's too hard to be called a quiche. I think it's more like cheese pie...

Location: Fx fb#11

Rating 7/10


  1. koq harganya MAHALLL sekaliy ?????

  2. iya, emank agak mahal but totally worth it. pake rib eye kan :)