Thursday, February 05, 2009

Times Square

Kmaren siang, gw sama ade gw si Arbi makan ke Grand Indonesia... Stelah bingung bingung karena pilihan makanan yang sungguh sangat banyak akir nya kita decide buat nyoba Times Square. Ini adalah berkat rekomendasi dari si Ratu Iblis.... (TERKUTUK!!!)

Karena bentuk nya buffet (Rp. 98.000 ++) gw cuma nyobain a bit of everything...

Untuk Western, mereka ada Ceasar Salad Station. Seru ya? Jangan seneng dulu.... Kan ada bacon nya tuh biasa di atas ceasar salad, nah punya dia, KERAS!!! It's supposed to be crispy...

Lalu, ada mereka nyedia in beberapa makanan laen....
1. Potato gratin --> Hmm... yummy. They need to put more cheese on top
2. Mixed vegetable grill --> The egg plant is YUMMY. Damn... I love egg plants...
3. Mini burger --> Menu of the day... YUMMY

4. Rigatoni with mushroom sauce --> yummy.... too bad there wasn't any topping. It's just pasta with cream, no mushroom chunks, no chicken, nothing!
5. Pizza --> Quito good, thin and chewy in a good way

Some weird things in the western section. First, they have onions fried is egg. So it's like telor dadar with huge chunks of onions... Weird....Then, they have chicken in fried egg. But I had this somewhere to so it's okay... It's just not good. They also have fried chicken (fast food style) and bread + butter

1. Blackpepper beef --> Tough!!!! Not better than the ones at Campus
2. Sweet and sour fish --> The fish is not crispy, the sauce is bad bad bad. My mom can make it sooooo much better
3. Mie goreng --> Standard issue kantin sekolah style
4. Nasi goreng --> No further comment.... They put telor mata sapi and that egg tastes better than the fried rice
5. Sushi --> God it'd AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear I almost spat it out...

Good display.... Very appetizing. But I suggest u stop at looking....
1. Hot chocolate pudding --> ENEG and has weird burnt taste...
2. Mango pudding --> U can get diabetes from eating it, so damn sweet!!!!
3. Tiramisu --> ..............................................

I will NEVER go back there. The quality of the food is simply disappointing.... The worst Rp. 130.000 I've ever spent on food!!!!!!!!!

NB: The service is excellent (that's why they charge u with 11% service charge in a mall)

Rating 6/10
Location: Grand Indonesia (Next to singing fountain)


  1. enak tho.. tadi gw sempet tergoda tuh lagi ada acara bayar 250k nonton Christian Bautista udah termasuk makan tanggal 13 Feb ini.. pake BCA bisa buy 1 get 1.. tapi setelah dipikir2, saya sedang single jadi yah.. hehehe...