Sunday, February 15, 2009

Underworld: Rise of The Lycans

Ini adalah prequel dari Underworld yang dulu dulu itu.... Ceritanya soal bagaimana Lycans yang tadi nya budak dari Vampires akhir nya berhasil membebaskan diri en jadi ras yang merdeka...

Langsung aja ke review nya. Menurut gw film ini tergolong cukup entertaining. Well, just like the previous two, the strong point of this movie is the fight between Lycans and Vampires. Since this movie has the same recipe, I think it's quite good.

Rhona Mitra of course is not as dazzling as Kate Beckinsale but she played quite a character.... If u compare this one to Underworld or Underworld: Evolution, of course this movie is bad... BUT, this is not a bad movie if u don't compare it with them.

It doesn't make sense how all those werewolves suddenly show up and attack the castle of the vampires after Lucian is tortured. Why did they wait to attack the vampires? How can the vampires enslave the lycans? The lycans are more powerful than the vampires. Why didn't they rebel earlier?

Well... It's just a movie with lots of blood and severed limbs everywhere. So when watch this movie, shut ur mouth and just enjoy....

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