Sunday, September 06, 2009


Last night, I went to PS with Ibu Duit.... After going round and round, I decided to have dinner @ Marche. I've been meaning to try this Marche, been a really long time since I dined at Marche Gran Melia.

The decor is really really nice! A market like place, with stone wall and dinning cart.. COOL!! A perfect place to hang out with friends and families.

The food
1. Grilled Chicken Breast and Mashed Potato (Rp. 32.000 + Rp. 12.000)
I underestimated the size of the chicken breast.. But u know what, i couldn't finish the mashed potato. The food is just a bit above average.. Nothing special, no garnish and quite un-appetizing. The gravy is not thick enough... Just standard.

2. Garlic Bread (Rp. 8.000)
YUMMYLICIOUS!!! One of the best garlic bread ever!!!

3.. Apple Crumble
YUMMYLICIOUS!!!! Damn... I want it now....

4. Strawberry Almond Tart (Rp. 37.000)
Yummy... Cake with strawberries on top... The strawberries are fresh and sweetened

At first, I ordered the Strawberry Tart first but.... they offer a buy1get1 promo for cakes and bread!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gonna come back for more :D

Rating : 7.7/10
Location: Plaza Senayan

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