Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I stumbled upon a new dessert place at Plaza Indonesia. When I first saw MOF, i thought it was some japanese cheesecake place, like Miki but it kinda resembles Matcha Moon at Plaza Senayan. Since it's located near the escalators, it is very crowded...

The food:
1. Ice Macha with Whipped Cream and Caramel (Rp. 28.000)
Hmm... it's weird. Tastes like ice green tea + whip cream.. Not sweet at all..

2. Macha Shake (Rp. 39.500)
Yummy! Tastes like starbucks green tea frappucino but a lot better. Sweet and creamy... be carefull of the callories :p

3. Shiratama Kurian (Rp. 39.000)
A plate of japanese dessert consists of soft ice cream, mochi, jelly, fresh strawberries and red bean. Love the read bean and the mochi... Best ever :)

A nice place to sit and chat with family and friends.. It's pretty expensive but again, location is the main factor of price nowadays rite?

Rating: 7.4/10
Location : Plaza Indonesia

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