Sunday, April 04, 2010

Bistro Baron

There's a new hip place opens every months in Jakarta. One of them is Bistro Baron. A petite yet chic bistro located in the Plaza Indonesia. Not like other restaurants, this place is in the middle of the street, not occupying a lot. Based on the real bistro in the streets of Paris, this place offers a Paris ambiance inside a Mall.

Great concept. Every detail is carefully thought including the waiters/waitresses uniform which I think very classy, the music, the decor, the menu. All of them are excellent

The food:
1.Orangina (Rp. 25.000) and Liegeois (Rp. 40.000)

I dunno why but the beverage price is off the roof! An espresso costs u like Rp. 45.000. The cheapest beverage u can get is the soda/syrup/juice drink, weird huh? Since when soda costs more than water.

Mine is the Orangina. Orange juice, lemon juice and soda water served in a tall glass. It's sour, and I mean SOUR! I do sour drinks but this drink needs sugar to make it enjoyable (so i ask for sugar :p) After the sugar, it's yummy. Sweet, sour yet refreshing

2. Confit de Canard (Rp. 90.000)
I'm not an expert of French Cuisine... The only French food I know is Escargot (Strange fact, they don't serve escargot. What French resto doesn't serve Escargot?)

Confit de Canard is basically a duck confit. A baked duck leg served on a bed of mashed potato with a side of string beans. The mashed potato is yummy... Kinda crunchy/burnt and has this unique taste. The duck on the other hand is very standard. I just don't think it's yummy. It's dry, it's tasteless (not salty, not sour, not sweet, nothing) Maybe this is me being an amateur gastronomer but that pricey duck is not yummy.

3. Poulet Rosti (Rp. 75.000)
According to the description, it's a roast chicken (and along with the duck confit, is one of the recommended, said the waitress)

What I got is a fried chicken!!!! Well after I ate it, I think it's roasted and then deep fried.. For me, it's yummy but I expect more from a place like this. This one tastes like a really really pricey yet yummy Pecel Ayam! The best thing bout this dish is the french fries, which I think is YUMMY. Served with watercrest salad (wat de hell is watercrest salad?) This supposed to be fulfilling dish just filled half my capacity :p

Complimentary bread basket. Ratu Lebah adores the butter for some unknown reason

Bistro Baron is a very recommended hang out place, a place to see and be seen and maybe a place for drinks. Unfortunately, as I remember, a bistro is a restaurant, and this is not a great restaurant. Just another forgettable fab place is J town. I went there to meet my friends. I think we agreed, love the place but not the food.

Nakal Liar

Ratu Lebah

Location: Plaza Indonesia F1


  1. Yeah, I had bad experience here also. Service was horrible. Food came out 1.5 hrs after everyone else finished dinner on my table, complained, manager was too busy doing who know's what in the BASEMENT B2!! where ever that is. Was given a compliment... only ice tea ! come on... bistro or warteg ya? masa es teh sih? I also had the duck confit. totally agreed with your judgement. dry tasteless. CNS' duck is much much much better. I actually ordered exactly the same as you, orangina and Duck de tasteless. Not very impressed at all... Wouldn't come back here for sure...

  2. LOL!!!! Sometimes it's confusing... with the price they charge, the effort to make the place so cool and all the other miniscule details, the food and service usually sucks