Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dapur Solo

Just a quick review... Dapur Solo is a javanese resto in Melawai area, Jakarta. We went there for a late lunch after a long Saturday hehe. The place is small and simple. The menu is not extensive but covers the basics of Javanese food.

The food:
1. Paket Nasi Langgi dengan Nasi Kuning dan Ayam (Rp.22.000)
Standard issue of Nasi Langgi. I dun know what Nasi Langgi stands for... Actually I dun understand what's in a Nasi Langgi coz every place has it's own version. This one is like any other Nasi Kuning, so what's Langgi bout it?

The yellow rice is quite good, fragrant and all. The toppings is not. The serundeng is so so, doesn't give the tasty effects on the rice. The chicken is a bit chewy although somehow I thought it was quite yummy. The "sambal hati" tastes like shit. Not spicy and the liver is smelly... The thinly sliced omellete is just disappointing. Use "telor bulet" or Balado Egg or whataver but not those tasteless egg please...

2. Serabi Solo (Rp. 15.000)

YUMMY! A lil bit different that Serabi Bandung. Kinda similar to "kue pepe", the one we usually buy from a street hawker. The texture is so good and tastes good. They can give more topping to make it better but for the price they give, it's a bargain

Good place for a quick lunch but don't expect ur palate to be impressed

Rating: 6.8/10
Location: Melawai, Jakarta Selatan


  1. g juga ga gitu tau persis nasi langgi msutinya kae apa , apa beda sama nasi liwet juga ? he22
    itu yg ada di Sunter juga deh , logonya sama koq !

  2. iya ada di sunter juga kayanya. loe tinggal di sunter ya??