Friday, April 16, 2010

Dimana mana Makanan

Mochilla @ Grand Indonesia (Rp. 10.000/pc)

Ice cream filled mochi. Not good... The size is too small, the mochi is too thin, the taste is blurry. Pricey as hell...

Fettucine Carbonara @ Spaggedies

Yummy but not special. A bit above average but offers nothing than a perfect balance of creaminess, thickness and appropriate amount of topping. I had better

Es Bangkok @ Sate Khas Senayan (Rp. 17.000)

Too sweet!!!! The red thingy is too soft....

Baked Mushroom with Cheese @ Pizza e Birra (Rp.35.000)

The mushroom is ok but the cheese omg.... tastes like undercooked cookie dough

Tonkotsu Chasiu Men @ Ramen 38 (Rp. 59.000)

YUMMYLICIOUS!!! Definitely on the top 3 ramen I've had up till now. The pork chasiu is like perfect, the soup needless to say flawless. The only downside is the noodle, small portion of noodle.

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