Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nanny's Pavilion

Pertama kali gw liat restoran ini di Bandung, di deket Prima Rasa. Suasananya seru gitu kaya di kebun. Eh beberapa saat kemudian gw denger dia buka di Citywalk. Kebetulan deh temen gw si Nakal mo ngajak ketemuan, jadi sekalian deh nyoba :)

Tempat nya seh bagus :) Suasananya kaya di buku dongeng teddy bear gitu. Very american country side. Seragam waiternya kaya baju orang amrik jadul abad 18 gitu, bagus banget. Membuat loe seakan akan terlempar ke sebuah negeri dongeng #lebaimode

The food:
1. Black Crunchy Choco Waffle (Rp. 27.000)

A medium sized waffle with vanilla ice cream and oreo cookies, layered with think caramel sauce. It was yummy!! Believe it or not, it tastes better with the maple syrup. It's already sweet enough but if u add the maple syrup, it will overcome the over-empowering caramel sweetness and it'll taste lighter.

2. Linda's Roll (Rp. 29.000)

A rolled pancake filled with chunky peanut butter and vanilla ice cream. Yummy :) The pancake was soft and fluffy. It was something new for me, usually if there's peanut butter in pancake, there's also chocolate. Apparently, peanut butter alone can be yummy, love it

3. Peach Pancake (Rp. 29.000)

YUMMY! An omelet like pancake with peaches on top. The peaches is put inside the pancake, not just put on top. Combined with the vanilla ice cream and maple syrup, my palate can't stop dancing.

4. Nanny's Cocktail Blueberry (Rp. 40.000)

It tastes like sangria but without wine. Makes a good companion for the pancakes we had. Sweet but light :)

5. Auntie Shirley's Butterscotch Coffee (Rp. 24.000)

I forgot the name... It's good but a bit too sweet for me. Tastes like caramel machiatto with a lot of sugar.

6. Nanny's Custom Fries (Rp. 25.000)

French fries with mayo and mozzarela cheese. It was finger-licking good!!!

One thing that makes this place different than the others is the pancake. The pancake batter is simply better than every other pancake places in town. Plus, the serving style, the garnish and the decor kinda makes it feel more 'premium'. It's not like Pancious... Pancious is like the generic pancake, this one is the gourmet pancake. It's a bit pricey but totally worth it.

Recommended!!! :)

Thanks to Nakal for the treat, yay!!!!

Rating: 8.2/10
Location, Citywalk Sudirman, Jakarta


  1. You surely love to eat, Aris. (-:
    By seeing the photos only, I have already convinced that the food here must be very delicious. And... I love pancakes.

  2. love their peach pancake... nyum! :)