Sunday, October 07, 2012

Kambing Bakar Cairo

Kambing Bakar Cairo is a place that serves... Kambing a.k.a mutton (goat meat). I knew this place for quite some time and eager to try buttt it's so far from my house. One lazy Sunday Afternoon, Asmet came over and we went there for a bite.

The place is divided into two sections, the smoking open air section and the non smoking air conditioned one. It was a breezy cloudy day, open air it is. Simple plain decor, nothing special.

The food:
1. Kambing Bakar Cairo 500 gram (Rp. 74.500)

We opted this dish to share. The meat is oh so tender. U can just suck in from the bone :) BUT the taste is really nothing special. All I recognize is heat and spicy from the chili and pepper. Lots and lots of chili and pepper. For a dish that cost that much, I expect more.

2. Gulai Kambing (Rp. 27.000)

I don't know what kind of gulai this is but this gulai lacks of everything. The soup is too watery, the taste is rather bland and they put like a big chunk of bone with thin meat layer around the bone. The gulai is so not recommended.

For info, a plate of rice is Rp. 10.000 (bring your own rice next time). IMO, not recommended. Of course the Kambing Bakar is something but that's simple not enough.

Rating: 5.5/10
Location: Jl. Sambas III No. 126, Jakarta


  1. Have been looking for places that serve mutton, thanks for the review! =)

  2. It's a very reasonable price for a grilled mutton......
    seems so juicy and tender,
    tepting to give it a shoots nex time