Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bangkok Delish part 1

Hello patients, this post will be about food in Bangkok. Went there with fam two weeks ago and soooooo addicted to the yummy food there :)

Spring Rolls and Prawn Rolls
This one if from a chinese restaurant in front of the food court, each plate cost 80 Baht. Fresh praws, quite good. 

Oyster Omellete
From the same restaurant, in Siam Paragon. I didn't know that oyster omellete is a common food in Thailand. I'd say bravoo Thailand :) More yummy thai food for moi

Pad Thai
Signature Thai dish, one of my fave during ourstay.

Papaya Seafood Salad
This is from one of the stall in Siam Paragon Food Court, cost us 70 Baht (Rp. 22.000) Super delish, sour, sweet and salty in one bite. Very refreshing!!

Breakfast in Grand Fourwings Hotel
Pork and Chicken Sausage, Kidney beans, Pork Ham and Mixed Omellete. Standar hotel breakfast with pork sausage as the highlight

See u in another post patients, more delish to come :)

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