Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bangkok Delish Part 2

Another food parade from my recent trip to Bangkok...

Mango Sticky Rice 

Cheap, yummy and addictive. Perfect combi of sweet mango, savoury coconut milk and sticky rice as the balancing bland rough texture. Don't know why but Jakarta's doesn't tastes as good...

Breakfast at Grand Fourwings Hotel

Nice convention hotel, breakfast not bad. Butter is awful, ughhh

Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab

Thailand has many cheap yet yummt treats! This is from Pattaya Floating Market, crunchy and spicy.

Grilled Pork with Sweet Sour Sauce
Another treat from Pattaya Floating Market. Just sit on one of the many stalls selling anything from Pad Thai to Fried Scorpions. The grill pork is okay, nothing special.

Chinese Food by Royal Dragon Restaurant

Said to be the biggest restaurant in the world (definitely not the best and the most delicious) Mediocre to bad chinese food, no further comment.

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