Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mie Lontar Bangka

Today's post is gonna be a short post due to my utmost laziness in doing anything in this public holiday. BUT since one of my new year resolution is blog and share more yummyness to you patients, I'll try my best to write this one.

As you guys know already, Mie Lontar is Bangkanese noodle. Actually... I didn't pay much attention to what kind of noodle I'm eating. All I care was yucky or yummy noodle :p BUT lately, I've been appreciating the different kinds of noodle in Indonesia.

Quick noodle lecture from me, I divided noodles in Indonesia into several categories. First is local noodle. Local noodle is the noodle cooked and sold by non-chinese Indonesian. The noodle is usally thin with blackish chopped chicken mixed with chicken innards, fried shallots and a great amount of cheap chili sauce on top. Usually eaten in a form of soup by pouring the soup into the noodle bowl. This kind of noodle is usually halal (doesn't contain pork) and sometimes accompanied by beef meatballs or pangsit (wonton).

Next is Indonesian Chinese noodle. This kind of noodle is characterized by the use of pork (meat, innards or just the fat/oil) Of course, this is my fave kind of noodle because of it's unbeatable yummy comfortness and the sweet super appetizing scent of pork fat. This noodle is usually sold by chinese and sold in chinese populated area in Jakarta (MK, Pluit, Gading, West Jakarta, Kota, etc)

The third one is the original chinese noodle, sold in numerous high end chinese restaurant across Jakarta. Usually the noodles are thin to medium, no pork and tastes a bit bland. Into this category there are some great noodle such as lamian from Paradise Dynasty or Imperial Kitchen.

 Tahu Kok
The Indonesian Chinese noodle also has many kinds of noodle. Today, it's about bangkanese noodle. From what I gather, mie bangka or Bangkanese noodle is characterized by thin noodle, clean yet fatty taste, the use of fried shallots and minced pork and lime to give a burst of tanginess into the noodle. Usually served with wonton and tahu kok (another Bangkanese food, a meatball soup contains fish ball and fish tofu)

Mie Lontar has them all... Good consistency noodle (not too springy) thin but not too thin that u feel nothing after eating the noodle, oily enough so you won't be needing lipgloss afterwards and fragrant shallots to lock the palate. I don't have many reference in Mie Bangka since my neighbourhood isn't exactly the place where Bangkanese resides but I can assure you Mie Lontar Bangka is a must try!

Another great dish is their Nasi Campur. The usual hainam rice mixed rice with roast pork, chicken and pork satay. Their touch is the Bangkanese Roast Pork. A bit different from the usual roast pork, bangkanese roast pork has some condiments slathered on top. The taste is a bit sweet and savory, super yummy!

Nasi Campur

 Choi Pan
Chinese snack, it's like steamed triangle risoles filled with thingly sliced bengkoang and ebi (dried shrimp)

U Yen
Another chinese snack, deep fried thin sliced yam, usually seasoned with ginger and garlic

Location: Muara Karang, Blok 6 near Permai School
Rating: 7.5/10

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