Sunday, February 02, 2014

Tony Roma's

Today's gonna be a short post about the super famous ribs place in Jakarta, Tony Roma's.

Tony Roma's is a franchise from the US, conquering pork ribs lover all around the world. Well I gotta say, with that super tender and flavorful pork, who can resist it?

Tony Roma's has 2 kinds of pork ribs. The baby back ribs and the St Louis Ribs. The baby back is the famous one. The St Louis is more meaty but less tender. Over the year, I expanded my choices here... The usual Original Baby Back is getting boring, my new fave is Baby Back Ribs with Carolina Honey sauce, a bit sweet but still savory, goes very well with the ribs.

Don't forget the Onion Loaf, super crispy and addictive. I'm not a huge fans of onion rings but damn... Tony Roma's is yummylicious! Perfectly fried and beautifully caramelized.. Must order when u dine here.

Complimentary Bread Basket

Rating: 8.5/10
Location: UOB Building, Jakarta


  1. OMG, gw lagi ngidam ribs nih!!
    Sumpah jadi kepengen bangettt... hiks2.. btw skrg harganya brp yah?

  2. patzie: Hi patzie :) kalo yg full rack around 350k IDR, kalo yang half slab 180k IDR kalo ga salah. Tips: kalo makan rame rame, pesen yang half slab/regular slab banyak daripada full slab 1, you can get more variety of flavors and more side dishes