Friday, May 09, 2008


Ajitei.. Hmm this a the latest restaurant i visited. It is located in Pacific Place. I didn't actually plan to eat there but since I couldn't get Tony Roma's baby back ribs (thx to that endless waiting list) we finally decided to have lunch at Pacific Place. At first, we were heading to Pancious but in the middle, we walked past Ajitei. Ika (or maybe Reni) said that this restaurant was kinda interesting. Hmm, in a way yeah.... i thought so too. Like all new japanese restaurant, the decor is nice and the fake deserts in the showcase looked so damn delicious.

The food:
1. Grilled Curry Rice (Rp. 33.800)
Fried rice with curry paste with small pieces of chicken strips covered in mozzarella (the mozzarella only covers like half of the chicken). The rice is rather dry and tasteless. I was quite confused when I ate it.... what kind of restaurant serves fried rice that tastes like instant rice...

2. Chicken Toji Set (Rp. 43.800)
Let's just say it is oyako-don but the rice and the egg+chicken are separated.... Kinda tasteless (not as bad as the Grilled Curry Rice) but still edible. The rice (gohan) is really delicious!! hahaha The portion is quite small and very soupy (Oyako-don suppose to have thick and salty sauce right?) The agedashi tofu is cold (I like it hot...) and the miso soup is very salty (but i like it)

3. Chicken Teriyaki Set (Rp. 35.800)
It is quite good actually. I like the Teriyaki chicken, a lil bit sour but also sweet. It is served with two gyozas which i think is infused with garlic (God.....) and a clear soup.

4. Sundae Black Honey (Rp. 33.800)
This is the best part!!!! This is a very unique dessert. There's lot of jelly (agar2, not the konyaku one), vanilla ice cream that is not too sweet and melts just when it enters your mouth (yummy....) and some kind of bean. There is also peach and syrup plus 2/3 pieces of mochi. Yummylicious!!!

The ocha is quite expensive (Rp 8.000) but it is refillable so i think that pays off...

3 out of 5 (thanks to the dessert)


  1. sama aja kaya restoran2 jepang yang lain!!STANDART!!tolong ya kalo cari makanan buat ditaro di blog agak yang berkelas dikit!!!hahahahaahha

  2. dear "dr.WANNABE b",
    "The agedashi tofu is cold" jelas aja, orang lo nyomot punya g setelah makanan lo abis, jelaslah uda dingin...GA PENTING!