Thursday, May 15, 2008

Complaining. Entertaining or depressing?

Recently, someone told me that i don't enjoy my life. The reason is simple... according to that friend of mine, When i complain about something (which i kinda enjoy), it shows that i'm not grateful about what i have in life. WTF?!!! Since when complaining becomes something need to be thought seriously...

Complaining is one thing, resenting my life is another! I don't see the connection between complaining and hating. Yes, I do know that complaining might lead into hating but I don't think it's what i have.

Yeah yeah, maybe it's my self defense about my bad habit; but trust me on this one, i do enjoy my life, wonderfully (despite all the stres, problems and annoying incidents) i might say.
Everybody has their own problem, whether is romance related, money related or maybe academic or work related. Some people may not be able to endure these problems and fall into depression. Hell... everybody is depressed now... If there's someone/something to blame, it's the world itself. But in my opinion, stress is a consequence of life. The higher standard of life u want to achieve, the more stress u will get. So if u want no stress at all, just go, stay in a hidden village in the middle of nowhere. For me, yeah i have my ups and downs but i never, not even once regretted my decisions, pass judgment and at most, i never regretted the way i live. I love my life (at least now) i have a so called career as children's nightmare material with a nice compensation of money, i am studying the subject i think is the most interesting subject in the world (yeah my fave subject is not about food....) I have a happy family (not perfect but good enough) i have really2 great friends; ratu lebah, dokter mesum, pudel perek, ratu iblis, ciwalit, tante M, miss duit and temen kita yg gosipnya baru jadian itu... the only think i lack is a six pack abs with a gorgeous face (can't blame God for this one.. ga brani bo.. bisa kualat). So.. yeah.. love love love my life.

Back to my complaining habit... Another friend of mine just say something similar about my complaining (although it's kinda weird, i didn't complain to her, i just said that i complained in my blog) and the she said that is why i don't have a girlfriend. another WTF!!

Dr. B: (dalam hati) kalo kata Ms J ni, bercermin di aer keruh....

She said that i'm very hard to pleased (actually i kinda agreed on this one) I am hard to pleased.... Kalo kata pudel, mahaguru OCD sinis hahaha... Well i admit that i like complaining but i think the difference between me and others is when i complain, i complain to everyone instead of maybe my closest friend. Maybe, if I complain only to Ms. J or Dr. A, the brand "complainer of the year" will not be mine. But hey, guess what, when i complain bout something to someone, that someone is a person I consider worth be-friending. I'm not some freak that babbles around to strangers...

Well... Conclusion, i believe complaining is one of the greatest solution in escaping depression. When u have a problem, i think it's better that u complain, satisfied and then move on. It's much better than holding grudge that will lead to dissatisfaction and much much much better than drowning urself in booze (ati ati hepatoma bo). Actually, i enjoy complaining. it's fun, u have something to talk about, to laugh about and a very good way to kill time (or in my case, to make use of Esia Rp. 1000 per jam) or in pudel's word, ngomong enteng enteng...

Hmm let's take a silver lining, i'll complain less, i'll comment less and i'll keep it to myself and maybe to this so called blog of mine hehehe... I do know that my habits are not actually the best in the world, but everybody has their own dark side. Well i need to control mine now... That's today's lesson.

Complain: An activity of half yelling with full emotion to express anger, furiousness(is this word correct?) and disappointment in order to relieve the stress. This activity is not something to measure the happiness of one's life. (Source: Dr. B's dictionary of modern life)

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