Monday, August 18, 2008


Foodism is a restaurant owned by Indonesian movie star Dian Sastro. Yeah yeah... kemakan promosi seh... hehe anyway, quite nice. Not so big on the decor, limited menu and very very very ugly menu (the menu book)

1. Spaghetti Telor Asin (Rp. 60.000)
YUMMYLICIOUS!!!!! Telor asin? Love it. Spaghetti? Love it. The telor asin gives a rough feeling and a unique taste to the usual spaghetti. The garlic bread is also yummy, not too garlicky but buttery and kinda salty. The spaghetti comes with 3 big Udang Telor Asin and they taste really nice.

2. Lasagna (Rp. 45.000)
A standard issue lasagna but a little bit more sticky. The meat is too minced, i prefer chunkier meat on my lasagna. Overall, not bad

3. Fettucine Alfredo (Rp. 55.000)
Standard... Delicious but nothing special.

4. Raviolo Nero (Rp. 65.000)
A black ravioli with prawn and vegetable filling. This is the main suspect of my food poisoning!!!!!!!!!! Weird... Taste more like wonton than a ravioli...

5. Udang Telor Asin (Rp. 60.000)
The same taste as the spaghetti but eaten with rice. Yummy

Rating 7 out of 10

Actually, only the Telor Asin thingy taste really good, the rest are not bad but really nothing special.

FX Life Style F.7
Telp: 25554238