Monday, August 18, 2008


Creole is a chocolate pattisier at FX. Different from Death by Chocolate, Creole is more elegant and sophisticated while DBC is more generic. The smoking section is on the outside, it's like sitting on the balcony (with Jakarta's traffic + pollution, good luck smokers...)

1. Blanc White Chocolate (Rp. 32.000)
It actually a cheese cake with with chocolate. Not that delicious but acceptable...

2. Dome Aux Grand Marnier (Rp. 32.000)
YUMMYLICIOUS. It's a chocolate mousse covered in melted chocolate and the base is a kind of nutty sponge cake. The melted chocolate is really delicous, it's cold but it doesn't change into solid chocolate.

It also offers chocolate bars, like the one at Latellier du Chocolate. Looks delicious but kinda pricey...

FX Mall F2 #02

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