Sunday, August 30, 2009

Imperial Chef

The latest addition to Emporium Pluit Mall. Imperial Chef is another member of Duck King Group. Actually, this is not the first time I ate @ Imperial Chef. My first time was on it's Hayam Wuruk Branch... We had duck and stuffs that time.. It was good but not special. This time, we had dimsum...

The dim sum were good but nothing special... Loved the Pangsit Udang Mayonnaise (Rp. 15.800) Crispy and not too salty. The price is very reasonable (Rp. 12.800 - Rp. 15.800) especially compared to it's Emporium Competitor, May Star. My opinion : May Star is better but it can burn ur wallet....

I had Daging Kombinasi dengan Nasi Hainam (Rp. 42.000). Tasty Hainam rice, standard meat, standard duck and a half salty egg. Weird huh? The first time I hav Telor Asin on my Hainam Rice set... Since I love Telor Asin, it's fine by me hehehe

Rating : 7.4/10
Location : Emporium Pluit Mal

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  1. gua pernah sekali makan dimsum yang di hayam wuruk. gak inget persisnya... tapi kayaknay emang nothing special. jadi ya bukan enak banget tapi juga bukan gak enak banget...

    btw nasi campurnya keliatannya enak banget tuh... :D