Monday, October 11, 2010

Marutama Ramen

Marutama Ramen is THE go-to place for ramen nowadays. Out of nowhere, people are talking bout this ramen, said it was better than the reigning ramen place in Jakarta, Sanpachi. I tried this place last Saturday around 9 P.M. The place is vacant (surprising considering it's weekend) but since I was very curious, I decided to give it a try.

The place is nice... Dim lighting with minimal wooden decor japanese style. Simple and homey, a nice place to dine and chat without the need to yell :)

The food:
1. Gyoza (Rp. 28.000)

I forgot, 5/6 pieces of steamed pork gyoza. The gyoza itself is nice.. Clean taste with a kick of coriander and finely chopped scallion. Served chinese style, taste more like dim sum than Japanese gyoza. I like it, didn't love it.

2. Karashi Ramen (Rp. 52.000)

 A big bowl of ramen with 2 slices of pork. LOVE the pork, yummyyyy :) Tender and juicy, not too much fat so it didn't taste too pork-y. Let's start with the soup... A nice and hot chicken base ramen soup. The first thing that came to my mind is that all the food here resembles Chinese food. Yeah, I know ramen is based on chinese noodle but usually they have a different kind of soup. Marutama's soup tastes like those chicken broth at chinese suki places. The soup was great but still can't beat Sanpachi's. Now the ramen, it's too soft for me, in Sanpachi Melawai we can order the ramen half-cooked so it won't be as soft as this.

It's a nice place to get a decent ramen but for me, I still prefer Sanpachi's :)

Rating: 6.5/10
Location: Central Senayan 1, basement 1 No. 1. (go to Foodhall from Plaza Senayan)


  1. wah gue juga kmaren makan situ tapi pas minggu

    loe cobain gak tori dango-nya ? enak tuh..
    trus itu grill porknya mantep

    loe pesennya marutama ya? kan ada itu karashi ramen versi pedesnya... taste great kalo suka pedes

    btw kalo loe ada kartu cc danamon cobain gih origami di hotel nikko lagi buy 1 get 1 (ngga kelipatan)... makan berdua cuma 218rb... very good value for the food served , just tried last saturday... pizzanya dan teppanyakinya enak kalo mnrt gue sih :)

  2. iya gw mo mesen grill pork nya lupa, katanya enak banget ya?

    yahhh gw ga ada danamon!!!

  3. cari korban gih yg punya danamon
    kan itu emang min mesti berdua :)

  4. sepertinya Ramennya enak....saya ingin mencobanya