Thursday, November 18, 2010


Toranomon is a yakiniku place in Grand Indonesia. Located in the same lot as Katsusei, I think they belong to the same group. I once browsed the menu and amazed by the price, didn't have the nerve to try :p Then... Came along Ratu Lebah!!! She celebrated her bday there so the food was on her, yippeeeeee thanks hon :)

The place itself offers privacy. U wouldn't think u are still in a mall... Too bad the decor is nothing special. Just some tatami room and sofas with standard wooden decoration. They provide a beautiful Japanese-garden-like smoking room, it was kinda cool.

The food:
1. Utage Big Plate (Rp. 1.375.000)

A big plate full meat!!!! The beef used is wagyu but unfortunately I don't know what grade. According to the waiter, this set uses the highest grade of wagyu compared to the other set. The set include a big cut of sirloin, tenderloin, gyu tan and some other cuts that I don't know (some Japanese/English name I can't remember). The meat was super tender, it melts in my mouth :) Sooo good... The marbling of the meat is so beautiful (and dangerous, hello cholesterol)

There are two types of sauce used for grilling, the sweet one and the salty one. I prefer the sweet one...  But even though the meat has been dipped in the grilling sauce, we still have to dip it in the other sauce given, otherwise the meat is gonna be a bit tasteless. There are two types of sauce to dip the meat before we eat it. The first one is rather sour and salty, the other one is nutty and salty. I don't know the name... :( I prefer the sour salty one since the nutty is too powerful, it covers the original taste of the beef

2. Ohgi Big Plate (Rp. 575.000)

This set rank third in term of price. BUT, this set has chicken in it. The chicken was standard... Just like Hanamasa's chicken.. I think for 575K, they really need to put more chicken. Chicken is like super cheap rite? The sauces are the same as the Utage.

3. Gyu Tan (Rp. 135.000)

The tongue was thinly sliced and then grilled. I love tongue!! But... This one is just ok, maybe I prefer it as steak not sliced like this.

4. Tiramisu (Rp. 35.000)

It was yummy...The presentation was cute and very appetizing. The tiramisu was big, creamy and sweet, just the way I like it :) The sponge cake is soaked in rum and it was perfect... I haven't taste a tiramisu this good for a while haha

5. Mango Pudding (Rp. 35.000)

The mango pudding was just ok, a bit too jelly. A pudding especially mango has to be thicker than jelly, also it should have a deeper taste than jelly. Toranamon's is a mango jelly not mango puding.

Despite the high quality of beef, Toranomon didn't serve that high level of food. It goes below my expectation. The sauces need improvement... They should accentuate the beef, Toranamon miss a note on that one.

ps: Special thanks to Ratu Lebah for treating us, wish u and your baby the best hon :)

 Ibu Duit - Ratu Lebah
Arip - Ibu Duit - Ratu Lebah - dr. B

Rating: 7.8/10
Grand Indonesia, Jakarta


  1. Privacy is a good thing...
    Try to give few shots of the place next time.
    The utage looks soooOOO me.

    Hmmm... *fliping rolodex*
    Who's birthday is due next month...

  2. yeah i know, we were seated near the kitchen so it's hard to take pictures of the place....

    count me in, i'll be glad to help u finish it... using hsbc 50% off food only!!!