Monday, August 26, 2013

Bangkok Delish Part 3

Samurai Burger and Fried Chicken from McD

Burger, sooo yummy! Maybe it's because I never try pork burger before but trust me it's addictive. The fried chicken is more crispy than Indonesia's but less spicy and flavorfull. The chili sauce is NOTHING compared to Indonesia's...

Meiji Plain Milk and Rare Cheese from Farm Design (Central World)

Meiji milk is ohhh sooo creammyyy. Love love love it. The rare cheese is also yummy! Too bad the blueberry topping is a bit bitter, dunno why.

Oyster Omellete (Platinum Zone 2 Food Court)

The best during my trip to Bangkok. The omellete is eggy and fragrant and juicy and oily and nom nom nom 

Pork Mixed Rice (Platinum Zone2 Food Court)

Something is wrong with this dish. The pork, no good. Chewy and tasteless. The gravy is so sweet, I couldn't finish it.

Mixed Thai Dessert (Platinum Zone 2 Food Court)

Mixed small bites with mung bean filling covered in jelly, so so and nothing special.

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