Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Raa Cha Suki

A new suki restaurant in Pluit Village a.k.a Megamal.....

I just had the most embarrassing experience... My money is not enough to pay the bill!!!! I thought they accept credit card but apparently they don't (maybe coz it's new) and they don't accept debit BCA either..... I called everyone i knew hoping they'd be in MM so I could borrow some money but the -staring across the window- thingy was useless. In the end, i had to go back to GF to the ATM..

The food

The suki stuffs are pretty much the same as the others. Varieties of meatballs, pangsit, suikiaw, mushrooms and veggies... The different is u order them per piece instead of portion. The price is not as cheap as i predicted, one suki stuff costs around Rp. 3.000 - Rp. 6.000 (per piece). The soup is delicious (lots of MSG i guess...)

The BBQ stuffs is very limited. Only beef BBQ (sweet, salty and spicy) and Chicken (Sweet, salty and spicy) but they taste quite delicious... I think they taste like Gang Gang Sulai's

U can boil and grill what you've chosen on a mini pan and mini pot available on each table. It's quite fun how u cook ur food on mini cookware xD

Rating 6.8/10
Location: Pluit Village 4th floor


  1. tumben fotonya bukan lu bi... wkwkwk
    siapa tu??? :-?
    gw maap lahir batin dulu dech xD

  2. ade gw bos.... hehe sekarang pake model donk foto nya hahahaha

  3. Yang punya orang Medan ya? Ga nerima kartu kredit hari gene?