Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stonegrill Express

After a nice review by ms sis, i tried this resto last weekend.... As the name stated, it's a grill resto. What makes it different than the other is that they give us a hot stone to cook our own meat.

The food
1. Mushroom Soup (Rp. 15.000)
It's the blended mushroom type. Thick black mushroom soup with milk a garlic bread on the side. WEIRD!!! Kinda sour, not creamy and i can't taste the mushroom.

2. Oriental chicken salad (Rp. 35.000)
Nothing special but pricey....

3. Gralic bread (Rp. 12.000)
The best appetizer....

4. BBQ wings (Rp. 18.000)
Standard issue wings... Again, nothing special...

5. Chicken strips (Rp. 27.000)
It tastes the same as the ones u bought at the supermarket. The french fries is over-fried...

6. Beef risoles (Rp. 12.000)
Standad issue risoles... Tired of eating pasar stuffs in a stupid restaurant

7. Spaghetti bolognese (Rp. 35.000)
I dunno why but my sis and cousin really liked this dish. My personal opinion? One of the worst spaghetti i've ever eaten....

8. Black angus rump steak (Rp. 99.000)
YUMMYLICIOUS!!!! My first encounter with a black angus.... Quite cheap i think (maybe because it's rump....) Think but tender, it was so damn good... Unfortunately the mushroom sauce is kinda salty...

Note: Don't bother ordering anything but the steaks....

Rating 7/10 (Thanks to the steak... otherwise i'd give 'em 4.5/10)
Location: Pluit Junction GF#007

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